The Importance of BREATHING RIGHT

Practicing yoga regularly provides several health benefits and helps one live a healthy life. Here are few asanas and their breathing techniques that can help you attain the perfect physical health and rid your body of certain lifestyle diseases.

Kapotasana : This asana is also known as Pigeon pose that helps relax the sciatica nerve, Inhale deeply to lengthen your torso and exhale as you stay stable in the asana.


Padmasana :Ā  This asana is also known as Lotus pose which deepens your meditation and has several physical and mental benefits. Keep the wrists of both the hands on the respective knees and take a dhyana mudra,continue breathing normally


Halasana :Ā  This asana is also known as Plow pose which helps rejuvenate the inner parts of your body and makes it healthy again. Take a deep breathe and then inhale using your abdominal muscles to lift your feet off the floor,raising your legs vertically at a 90 degree angle. Continue to breathe normally while supporting your hips.


Ardha Chakrasana :Ā  This asana is also known as Wheel pose which helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscle. While Inhaling lift the buttocks,hips,lower and middle back of the ground and then exhale. While inhaling,lift the shoulders up by pushing the palms into the ground. Lifts buttocks,waist and back, the armsĀ and legs are straight. Breathe normally in this asana.

Ardha Chakrasana



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