Don’t run after things that might turn insignificant tomorrow..!!

Imagine what would have happened if you were born blind, or deaf or physically handicapped? Imagine what if you would have lost one of your limbs in a bad road accident? What would your life be and how would you see the world? Look at yourself. You are alright. You are fine. Better than a million. Your sight is nothing less than a superpower for someone who hasn’t seen the world ever. For whom, only touch, smell and hearing matters. For someone who doesn’t know how the most basic things look like.

Sometimes we take life for granted. Sometimes, we don’t value what we have. This is to remind you, that you are great. You are perfect and you might not have everything you want, but you certainly have everything you need. So, don’t run after things that might turn insignificant tomorrow. Make each day count. Love yourself, get rid of unnecessary worries, shed the baggage, and just live…😊


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