Power of Love❤

Love isn’t about perfection, or lots of money, or even a comfortable life. Love is about making each other perfect instead of leaving and running away to find someone else! Love is about respecting the presence of the one who loves you. 
A childless couple. A man who taught his wife to cook, read and write. A woman who gave her entire life loving her husband. A man who promised her that if she dies before him, he will make sure they’re remembered since they didn’t have a generation to remember them in future. So he built a monument around her grave. Another Taj they call it. But this one has a better story, even than the original Taj! 

In an Era where even having children and grandchildren doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be remembered, this man made sure that if his wife couldn’t give him children, he’d give her an identity that will remain forever, for years to come… 
Such is the power of love…


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