Power of Love❤

Love isn’t about perfection, or lots of money, or even a comfortable life. Love is about making each other perfect instead of leaving and running away to find someone else! Love is about respecting the presence of the one who loves you. 
A childless couple. A man who taught his wife to cook, read and write. A woman who gave her entire life loving her husband. A man who promised her that if she dies before him, he will make sure they’re remembered since they didn’t have a generation to remember them in future. So he built a monument around her grave. Another Taj they call it. But this one has a better story, even than the original Taj! 

In an Era where even having children and grandchildren doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be remembered, this man made sure that if his wife couldn’t give him children, he’d give her an identity that will remain forever, for years to come… 
Such is the power of love…


Don’t run after things that might turn insignificant tomorrow..!!

Imagine what would have happened if you were born blind, or deaf or physically handicapped? Imagine what if you would have lost one of your limbs in a bad road accident? What would your life be and how would you see the world? Look at yourself. You are alright. You are fine. Better than a million. Your sight is nothing less than a superpower for someone who hasn’t seen the world ever. For whom, only touch, smell and hearing matters. For someone who doesn’t know how the most basic things look like.

Sometimes we take life for granted. Sometimes, we don’t value what we have. This is to remind you, that you are great. You are perfect and you might not have everything you want, but you certainly have everything you need. So, don’t run after things that might turn insignificant tomorrow. Make each day count. Love yourself, get rid of unnecessary worries, shed the baggage, and just live…😊


​Tomorrow…This one word has the power to change your life. All his life, a man plans for an uncertain tomorrow, he thinks about a tomorrow and changes his decisions, sacrifices, compromises on today, worries about an upcoming day and stops himself. 

In this extensive planning for a tomorrow, what nobody thinks is that all that planning was for a tomorrow that never came. Everyone was trying to better a tomorrow, by compromising on their present. What they failed to realize was that their every tomorrow was turning into a ‘today’ that they were spoiling in worrying about another tomorrow. 
Your every tomorrow will eventually turn into a today. What you need to understand is that there is no tomorrow. There is only today, and it is now – right at this moment. This is what your life is, and this is what it’s going to be….

Life is an amazing Journey😌

​She wasn’t happy with me, it was a long distance relation and we had gone through an year with no problems of any kind but ever after that i could sense a discomfort in her emotional stay with me. 

No one changes without a reason, she had changed. Even after countless questions by me, her answer was always the same.

”There is nothing like that, i am happy with you”. I loved her good enough to read her eyes and her way of talking, i was missing ‘Love’ for me in everything that she was doing.

We had gone through every phase that a relation has, we had made plans of getting married, conversations about future were a part of our daily chats but things had changed completely.

I realized that she was trying to be happy with me, she actually wasn’t. She was making every possible effort not to give a hint of the same but as i said, i knew it from her behavior.

She was sticking to me, she didn’t want to. She was walking with me, she was holding my hand but her eyes had a different story.

That last time when we met at her favorite beach, i stopped her in between the walk by bending on my knees in front of her.

“You don’t love me and you know that. Please tell me if it is so! I don’t want you to be with me for a reason that it’s just me who loves you and you cannot betray me. It’s your life sweetheart. You have every right to be happy, you have every right to live it the way you want to. Please speak off the truth” i cried out.

She threw herself down on the soil like a lifeless being, took me into her arms and cried out even louder “I am sorry, I am sorry”

I asked her the reason for apologizing praying not to hear what i had already sensed.

“I have ruined your life, i don’t love you. It took me too long to realize, just too long. Too long and too late” she finally confessed. My prayers went unheard. She didn’t love me.

I was speechless, no hints and no clues of what to say. She had taken my world off me. I failed to be strong enough to withhold the salinity of my eyes, i failed. 

I could see the guilt in her eyes, she was broken too. She is not a bad person, in fact she is a gem at heart but nothing to say, it was happening. She left the decision with me, she was ready to live her life with me for just one reason that i loved her.

“You don’t need to stay. I cannot see my love dying every moment, i can’t see you killing your happiness every second, i can’t let you live with me. No, i cannot be that selfish. I can manage life and trust me i will be fine with time” i spoke out, looking into her eyes. I meant every word that i said.

She was still out of words, she still had tears in her eyes.

“Can i hug you for one last time?” i asked her. She took me into her arms and cried out badly. She knew that she had done something very wrong and she was feeling hell guilty for what she had done.

That was our last meeting, one last time that i had my world in my arms. One last time that i felt her touch and the only time that i saw her walking away from me. Away from me, far from me and finally disappearing in the merger of earth and sky. Yes she looked back, i turned a side to let her know that i am fine. I didn’t want her to look at her past again. I spent that night talking to the sea, the shivers of cold water touching my feet made it a memorable one. 
It has been an year. She, well she has found her love. She is married and happily married. Thanks to my habit of stalking her that has never gone away when many feelings actually have now. Yes, i miss her at times but it’s fine. Soon I’d be married too and i will do everything to be loyal to the one that destiny has chosen for me. Life is an amazing journey.

Feeling Motivated☺👍

​Failure doesn’t count. Your dream does. Failing isn’t a big thing if you know that u will rise again to see your dream come true. Try until you fulfill your dream. People will talk about your failure for sometimes and they will forget but success will be engraved till you live and even later.

People will also make fun of your dreams, you may become a gossip element for you may have something different in mind. But you have to stay focused because it’s your dream. So try until you succeed.

I am not ashamed to say that I too have failed but I compete with myself to do something better, something extra, to bring up a significant improvement to get closer to my dream.

So Failure doesn’t count. Dream does.

The Importance of BREATHING RIGHT

Practicing yoga regularly provides several health benefits and helps one live a healthy life. Here are few asanas and their breathing techniques that can help you attain the perfect physical health and rid your body of certain lifestyle diseases.

Kapotasana : This asana is also known as Pigeon pose that helps relax the sciatica nerve, Inhale deeply to lengthen your torso and exhale as you stay stable in the asana.


Padmasana :  This asana is also known as Lotus pose which deepens your meditation and has several physical and mental benefits. Keep the wrists of both the hands on the respective knees and take a dhyana mudra,continue breathing normally


Halasana :  This asana is also known as Plow pose which helps rejuvenate the inner parts of your body and makes it healthy again. Take a deep breathe and then inhale using your abdominal muscles to lift your feet off the floor,raising your legs vertically at a 90 degree angle. Continue to breathe normally while supporting your hips.


Ardha Chakrasana :  This asana is also known as Wheel pose which helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscle. While Inhaling lift the buttocks,hips,lower and middle back of the ground and then exhale. While inhaling,lift the shoulders up by pushing the palms into the ground. Lifts buttocks,waist and back, the arms and legs are straight. Breathe normally in this asana.

Ardha Chakrasana